10,000 sq ft Facility Douglasville

5,500 sq. ft. Indoor Soccer Field - 5-Tool Carrollton

2 Iron Mike Pitching Machines Carrollton

 Check out our new websites!  Now D-BAT Carrollton and D-BAT Douglasville!

Private Instruction Private Instruction
Learning how to hit a round ball, with a round bat, and hit it squarely, is a tough task to accomplish. Learning how to paint the corners of the plate is a skill that takes practice to master. One-on-one coaching allows for your All-Star to get the most up-to-date training and techniques to make these goals a reality.

Cage Rentals Cage Rentals
 Repetition is one of the biggest factors that can speed up your child’s development. In between lessons, it is a good idea to rent a cage and work with them on what their instructor has been teaching them. You will be amazed as you watch them progress!  

Baseball is like church:  Many attend but few understand.

–Wes Westrum

Choose your location: 5-Tool Douglasville or 5-Tool Carrollton

Fall 2017 Travel Team Tryouts Coming Soon!

With the Summer season upon us, we are looking forward to setting up our Fall teams.  Details will be available soon.

3 Good Reasons To Try Us Out:

#1 Rated Sports Training Facility (Douglas County Sentinel)

2 Great locations to choose from! Carrollton and Douglasville


A professional staff with years of coaching experience to help develop your child to the next level!